22 – 26 September 2020 IMPACT MUANG THONG THANI


Live Showcase

Event Highlights

'EAT RESPONSIBLY' - This live showcase will present the latest New Normal trends of modern consumption that not only focuses on the taste and the benefits of food,  but also takes into consideration the origin of the ingredients, processes and the growing health consciousness of consumers through eight important categories.

1. Future Food
Food of the future that offers convenience and safety to both health and environment, namely, Functional Food, Medical Food, Novel Food and Organic Food

2. Free From Food
Foods for people who are allergic to certain substances such as gluten or lactose as well as natural substitutes for sugar such as stevia or coconut flower sugar

3. Food Ingredients
Thai kitchen condiments and seasonings manufactured with care and hygiene in every step of production

4. Asia’s Herb to the World
Herbs in foods that foster health and the use of innovations to add value to Thai herbs

5. New Protein Sources
New natural protein sources with health benefits such as insects, nuts and other plants

6. Thailand Trust Mark (T Mark)
A symbol for social responsible products that is good for the world and produced with fair labor, as a symbol of trust for consumers.

7. Style Bangkok Popup Showcase
Kitchenware and tableware that are beautifully and uniquely designed

8. Halal to The World
Halal certificate for products that meet the requirements of Islamic law, and suitable for consumption for its cleanliness and nutritional value to Muslim consumers and consumers in general

Connect with the industry experts at THAIFEX - Anuga Asia Eat Responsibly showcase at Foyer, Challenger Hall 2 from 22 - 26 September 2020.