23 - 27 May 2023
23 - 27 May 2023
Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

THAIFEX - Anuga tasteInnovation Show Winners

Taste Innovation Show Winners

We are proud to feature our most innovative products of 2022, where these companies will show the forward-looking trends of the F&B industry.

CPF (Thailand) Public Co Ltd

Hall: 2, Booth No: U15

Product Name: Meat Zero Plant-Based Meat

Meat Zero is Thailand's No.1 and first variety of ready-to-eat and ready-to-cook plant-based meat alternatives. It uses the CPF PLANTTEC Innovation that allows plants to mimic animal meat taste & texture. Even though the products contain zero meat, they have a surprisingly meaty texture. It is also cholesterol-free and has good nutrients such as protein and fibre. Meat Zero's product ranges from nugget, burger, bologna, and various ready meal menus. Meat Zero products are also packed in eco-friendly packaging. Available conveniently at CVS and retail outlets nationwide.

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Dorothy Network

Hall: 5, Booth No: E40

Product Name: CAB KROB Vegan Crispy Crackling

Cab krob is a yummy vegan, plant-based crispy cracker that is made from flour that is high in protein, sugar-free and has no cholesterol. It can be matched with any food, such as somtum, noodle, Nam prik num, chilli paste, boiled rice and any type of food in the world.

Duy Anh Foods Imp-Exp Co Ltd

Hall: 9, Booth No: CC25

Product Name: Watermelon Rice Vermicelli

The Organic Watermelon Rice Vermicelli, does not contain artificial colour, food additives, preservatives or borax. They are gluten-free, non-GMO, made with aromatic rice flour and watermelon juice. It is also made with Food safety management systems certified with IS022000, and a FDA certificate.

- A delicious flavour between well-selected pure jasmine rice and fresh daily-made watermelon juice produced by our specialized steaming and drying production line.
- A highly unusual type of noodles, perhaps the first of its kind. Instead of mixing water with rice flour to make the dough, we use watermelon juice.
- A beautiful colour to the noodles. After removing the skin and seeds, we crushed the red flesh of the fruit into fruit juice and mixed it with rice flour. Thus its made of 40% f watermelon juice and 60% rice flour.

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Hop Hung Food Co Ltd

Hall: 3, Booth No: N14

Product Name: Ms. HOHO Fried Chicken Ice Cream

This ice cream is a prank! It looks like a fried chicken drumstick, but it is ice cream. The crushed cornflakes outer layer provides a corn aroma, and it is filled with an addictive Mala spicy flavour ice cream inside. The perfect combination of spicy and sweet brings a unique taste and visual experience.

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Joongang Platec Co Ltd

Hall: 8, Booth No: V14

Product Name: Spout Pouch and Cap

SPOUT is suitable for mass production and can be applied to food, beverage and baby food. It has flexible packaging, and it is easy to drink from. It has a Tamper Evidence seal that can be checked to see whether they've been used or not, and it is choked free for infants' protection.

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KCG Corporation Co Ltd

Hall: 7, Booth No: R01

Product Name: Allowrie MCT Butter, Imperial Hemp Butter Blend, Allowrie Hemp Butter with Garlic

The Allowrie MCT butter is made with coconut oil that contains medium chain triglyceride (MCT), which is beneficial to health. It is a ketofriendly product and free from milk powder. The Imperial HEMP Spreadable Butter & Allowrie Garlic Butter with HEMP Oil is made with hemp oil, which is good source of omega 3, 6, 9 and contains terpene flavour.

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Kokoonic Co Ltd

Hall: 7, Booth No: M40

Product Name: Eri Silk Pupae Powder

Eri Silk Protein Powder is Kokoonic's signature product. In addition to its protein content of 60-65%, it is also rich in HDL, LDL lowering good fats, dietary fiber, vitamins and minerals. It is a high-quality alternative protein and can be added to any recipe or manufactured with a wide variety of food products. It is available at 100 and 250 grams, with a shelf life of 12 months.

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Lipmen Co Ltd

Hall: 1, Booth No: WW13

Product Name: Oxygen Absorber

EVER FRESH prevents spoilage or oxidation of products by eliminating the residual oxygen in products. This cost-effective and eco-friendly product extends a product's shelf life and preservation.

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Ms. Organics Co Ltd

Hall: 1, Booth No: KK24

Product Name: Fermenthe' Kombucha with Honey

Fermenthe' is a sparkling fermented tea with good bacteria and yeast and a hint of honey. It is easy to consume, flavorful, beneficial, and considered a functional beverage that contains EGCG, DSL, B1&B2 that can improve your Digestion, Detoxification, Liver Function and many more.

MSTR Corporation

Hall: 1, Booth No: TT06

Product Name: BeKlear

The innovative vegetable and fruit wash is made from 100% natural cassava roots. Its production method is patented, which heats the activated carbon at 1000 degrees so that the wash can release ions and electric energy instead of using chemical stimulation. It helps to detoxify vegetables to restore their natural taste, strength and freshness of the vegetables.

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NSL Foods Public Co Ltd

Hall: 2, Booth No: W43

Product Name: Wholegrain Bread with Cricket Protein

Wholegrain bread with cricket protein, is made from cricket protein, unbleached wheat flour and mixed whole grain. Each slice of bread has 7g of protein and a source of fibre. Cricket is known for its sustainable protein and better nutritional properties. The challenge of the product was to add cricket protein to wholegrain bread while balancing the tastiness and healthiness. Natural Bites provides healthy products with a tasty and healthy concept with specific nutrition that consumers look for. The Wholegrain Bread with Cricket Protein will also bring a new experience to eating crickets.

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Pasta Natura SRL

Hall: 8, Booth No: V23

Product Name: Amaranth Teff and Quinoa Pasta

Amaranth Teff and Quinoa pasta is the most popular pasta in our range. It has a great texture al dente and a good taste and is perfect with all sauces.

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PB Foodtory Co Ltd

Hall: 10, Booth No: HH35

Product Name: Trumpkin

Plant-based cheese from pumpkin seed, Top 8 allergen free, low calories, 0% cholesterol.

Plant A Foods Hong Kong Limited

Hall: 3, Booth No: N08

Product Name: OmniFoods series (OmniMeat Mince, Luncheon, Strip)

Researched and developed over two years by our experienced team of food scientists in Canada, OmniMeat is a nutritionally superior meat analogue launched in 2018. Our products are 100% plant-based and low in calories, fats, and cholesterol, which is kinder for our bodies, planet, and humans. Since its launch, OmniMeat has received extensive international media coverage and love from chefs all over the globe! It now comes in three exciting formats: OmniMeat Mince, Luncheon, and Strip.

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Thun Tatchakorn Co Ltd

Hall: 2, Booth No: DD38

Product Name: Ginger Fizz Original

The ginger drink is a folk remedy. Ginger Fizz unconventionally redefines the ginger drink. By evolving the taste through lactobacillus fermentation processes, it creates a fruity, floral drink profile with a hint of clove and a little spicy kick from fresh ginger roots. It also contains less sugar than a regular Ginger Soda. The taste of the Ginger Fizz comes from 100% fermentation, with no concentrate, flavour, or preservatives added.

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