28 May - 1 June 2024
28 May - 1 June 2024
Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

THAIFEX - Anuga tasteInnovation Show Winners

Taste Innovation Show Winners

We are proud to feature our most innovative products of 2023, where these companies will show the forward-looking trends of the F&B industry.

Hesco Solution Co., Ltd.

Hall: 10, Booth No: 10-NN15

Product Name: "KAPP·POPP” Thai Microwave pork crackle - Chiang Mai Classic Flavored

The revolutionary experience to enjoy the taste and freshness of Chiang Mai pork crackle anytime, anywhere, only with microwave oven. A perfect healthy snack option with zero carbohydrate, high protein, 3 times less fat than traditional fired pork crackle. Local Cocreated with Vanusnuna, a renowned NorthernThai traditional food manufacturer in Chiang Mai. Enjoy POPPFRESH NOT FRIED of ChiangMai's pork crackle in just 2 minutes with KAPPPOPP

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Eatvolution Co., Ltd.

Hall: 5, Booth No: 5-B17

Product Name: Chickpea Rice

Chickpea rice is the newest and most nutritious rice alternative available in the market. It is the perfect solution for those seeking to achieve their health and fitness goals. This wholesome alternative is packed with essential nutrients and provides numerous health benefits. Unlike other rice substitutes, it is made with real ingredients and does not contain any rice or rice flour. With a texture and taste similar to brown rice, Chickpea rice comes in a ready-to-eat format. Simply reheat and enjoy!

CPF (Thailand) Public Co., Ltd.

Hall: 2, Booth No: 2-S15

Product Name: CP FI-IT sausage

CP FIIT sausage is innovated for healthy people who exercise regularly or live an active lifestyle. With the innovation of modern food science, it is a healthy alternative offering nutritional benefits with great taste made from highquality chicken breast, coarsely grounded, flavored with black pepper for nice aroma and a hint of spiciness. It contains high protein, equivalent to 5 egg whites, less fat, less sodium and no MSG. This is a complete solution for convenience healthy and delicious food.

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Chanthaburi Fruit Products Co.,Ltd.

Hall: 2, Booth No: 2-R38

Product Name: Freeze dried mango with sticky rice

We carefully select the Kaew Khamin Mango with its distinctive sweet and sour taste for our production. This ensures that the final product retains the authentic flavor of mango. To achieve the perfect taste that is close to real mango with sticky rice, we also choose high-quality varieties of sticky rice to use in the production process.

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Horngwell Foodstuff Industries Sdn Bhd

Hall: 7, Booth No: 7-O09


Gano Miccoground coffee is specially formulated with unpolished brown rice and best selected arabica coffee. These special blends are mixed with numerous wholesome ingredients such as Lingzhi, Psyllium Husk and soluble fiber Polydextrose. It's helps you to kick start your day while bring you the rich natural aroma and premium taste of coffee. Besides, the feeling of satiety. Enjoy our healthy richer taste coffee and fuller body of ideals version of drink in every moment , every sip.

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Hop Hung Food Co., Ltd.

Hall: 3, Booth No: 3-M29

Product Name: Ms hoho - 炸雞冰淇淋 (香草牛奶) Ms hoho – Fried Chicken Ice Cream (Vanilla Milk)

Its a prank! It looks just like a fried chicken drumstick, but its actually an ice cream. The crushed corn flakes outside offering corn aromas, and addictive vanilla milk flavor ice cream inside. They make for the rich taste and visual experience. What do you waiting for.

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Regene Bio Pte. Ltd.

Hall: 5, Booth No: 5-D01

Product Name: MUU: Cow's milk made without cows

Milk and dairy products created through precision fermentation technology that offer the same taste, texture, and properties as cow's milk, but are made without using a single cow.

Hobart Thailand

Hall: 1, Booth No: 1-LL59

Product Name: The world’s first Two-Level-Washer

The TWO-LEVEL-WASHER by HOBART has a second wash chamber. Thus the second level can be used for washing simultaneously – that is twice the capacity per wash cycle. Another advantage of the machine is its compact design. Despite the increased washing performance, it does not require more space in the scullery than a conventional dishwasher.

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Gruppo Cimbali Singapore Pte Ltd

Hall: 1, Booth No: 1-LL59

Product Name: La Cimbali S15

S15 is a compact super-automatic boasting agile, intuitive technology that allows it to also be used by people without barista experience. Offering a menu with a wide variety of choice and endless ways to satisfy the tastes of a diverse customer base, S15 is perfect for offices, hotels and small businesses such as mini-markets, bakeries and quick service restaurants.S15 incorporates IoT that allows you to monitor the machine’s efficiency, effectively manage its maintenance and offer a better service. Thanks to the Cup4You app, you can interact with the machine from your tablet or smartphone, customising your drinks.R4

TPN Group Thailand

Hall: -, Booth No: -

Product Name: Halton MobiChef

The Halton MobiChef is a totally independent mobile cooking station complete with integrated electric appliances. The unit is highly efficient and incorporates Halton’s experience and knowledge in the field of ventilation and emission control for professional kitchens. Halton KMC MobiChef is fast and easy to set up with plug-and-play functions. Halton’s MobiChef has been designed to provide a high ergonomic level for the chef while, at the same time, offering the guests an excellent view of the preparation of the dishes thanks to a full length glass screen on the front and full height glass screens on the sides. Contrary to fully opened cooking stations, these glass screens act at the same time as sneeze guards and keep the hygiene to its maximum level. One additional Capture Jet curtain has been integrated on top of the front glass screen. It literally isolates the inner side of the screen from the smoke and pollutants released during cooking. Halton’s MobiChef offers a clear view of the chef’s work while minimizing the cleaning time of the glass screen. Halton’s MobiChef comes complete with a self-contained Amerex UL300 listed fire suppression system.

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Tyson International APAC Ltd

Hall: 2, Booth No: 2-T27

Product Name: Tyson Plant-Based Crispy Nuggets

With FIRST PRIDE, you won’t have to choose between taste and nutrition. Going plant-based doesn’t have to be boring and we’ve made sure of that.  From crispy to spicy to authentic local flavors, every FIRST PRIDE product is guaranteed to be a tasty snack or meal worth looking forward to. Our focus has always been on taste, nutrition, and the experience. It’s all part of raising expectations of how a quality plant-based diet can be satisfying and healthy at the same time.   FIRST PRIDE plant-based nuggets, it tastes like chicken, then it must be FIRST PRIDE Crispy Nuggets. Crispy on the outside and juicy on the inside, our plant-based nuggets are perfect for small meals, snack time and guilt-free good times.

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