23 - 27 May 2023
23 - 27 May 2023
Impact Muang Thong Thani, Bangkok, Thailand

Functional & Free-From Products

As consumers struggle with uncertainties surrounding the pandemic, many decided to approach their personal health holistically. They are searching for both products to support their mental wellbeing as well as functional and natural ingredients, such as botanicals. 

Products supporting gut health are a nice example of the search for functional food, with 2 in 3 consumers stating that they see gut health as a key aspect to achieving holistic wellbeing. The interest in digestive health can also be linked to the pandemic, as 62% of global consumers make a connection from it to immune health as well. Consumers are interested in having their food and beverage experience personalised based on nutritional needs, functional needs, body composition and genetic profile, which is being reflected in NPD with a move to keto, sugar reduction or increased protein claims.

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